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About Us (Company)

Unmatched VPS have been trading since August 2013. We were founded on the principles of offering excellent hosting solutions at agreeable price points. The secret of our success is the loyalty of our satisfied customers. We are a premier web hosting company where you will find low cost and reliable web hosting services. The firm is constantly growing in the number of customers.We use and operate our own hardware. We understand hosting technology better than anybody, and that shows in our services, support, infrastructure, systems and network stability. You get more for your money at Unmatched VPS. We combine the most advanced hosting services to give you complete flexibility, control and reliability for your website at all times!

Our Focus

So why should you sign up with us? Unmatched VPS achives to attain its mission statement on a daily basis. Our mission is to be a better leader in the hosting industry and continue to strive towards 100% customer satisfaction with our exceptional low pricing and high level of service excellence. Our number one priority is our client's satisfaction which is achieved by providing cost effective web solutions, top of the line servers and connections for your websites and exceptional customer support. Unmatched VPS has a hosting package right for you. We depend on our customers for our existence. For this reason we make every effort to ensure that your stay here is the superb. We reach to help you at every move, we are always prepared to do the little things which most large hosts will not do for their clients.

Our Infrastructure

Unmatched VPS is dedicated to providing you with the top-notch services that you deserve. We like to give you maximum value for your money, which we achieve with our competitive pricing and outstanding support.

A dedicated team operated to provide our customers with the support they need. We believe in providing an efficient service at budget prices.Just providing low cost hosting is not our aim but with that the clients should get a complete professional support for which we have our in house experts. We provide 24x7x365 support to our clients.

Top Notch Support
Support at Unmatched VPS is as unique as it can be. The team is well managed, well trained and above all, well maintained. They reply quickly to all tickets with knowledgeable and understandable responses. Our support is 24/7/365.

High Quality Network
Unmatched VPS uses data centers across the globe to bring you lightning fast speeds, but the hardware also counts. All servers owned by Unmatched VPS run state of the art hardware that can be relied on. The network backbone is provided by Tier one network providers that ensure if one goes down, another is on hand.

Our services

At Unmatchedvps you will find the best combination of low cost and reliable web hosting services. Linux/Windows based shared hosting plans starting from only $1.95 Per Month. All plans include hosting control panel and offer number of separate sites with the Unlimited features.

Unmatchedvps fully managed/unmanaged  VPS hosting solutions are our take on a mini server. What we mean by mini server, is that each VPS hosting plan is an independent split-section of a dedicated server. The four main areas where virtual private servers offer the most are Security, Stability, Performance and Control over your server.

Unmatchedvps delivers the ultimate solution for all your dedicated server hosting needs. Whether you need to host multiple files, websites or database intensive SQL Server applications, we have a Dedicated Server to match all your needs. All of our Managed/Unmanaged  Dedicated Servers are setup using quality server hardware. All Servers are 1U Rack Servers, there are no desktop components used in our servers. Unmatchedvps offers extensive solutions for both Linux and Windows Managed/Unmanaged Dedicated Servers. Our highly trained and experienced system administrators have vast experience in both Linux and Windows Server Management. This enables us to offer world class technical support, 24 hours a day. Our a Dedicated Servers are in a secure location and are monitored 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our DataCenter is temperature controlled to ensure your private server is always running at optimum levels.

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Top Security

99.9% Uptime

24/7 Customer Support

Premium Network

Root Access

Our Services

At unmatchedvps you will find the best combination of low cost and reliable web hosting services. Here at following links you will find details about our Linux/Windows based shared hosting plans, Linux/Windows based Managed/Unmanaged VPS, Linux/Windows based Managed/Unmanaged Dedicated servers

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